Questions are formatted as H1 headings so that screen readers such as JAWS and Mac OS VoiceOver can advance question by question. Answers are presented as plain text.  

Who would use Echobatix products?

Echobatix guidance and navigation products are intended for those who are blind, DeafBlind, or have low vision. We design our products so that they may be worn or used in a wheelchair.

Our technology may have uses for other people, but our primary focus is to develop products for the visually impaired.  

How much do your products cost?

The price has not yet been set, but we are sensitive to budget concerns.

Our first guidance product is being developed as an iOS app, meaning no additional hardware is required.

The app begins beta testing in February 2021.  

When will the system be available?

The release date has not been set. Check the News page periodically for updates.  

What features will the system have?

Our first product is an app that will provide guidance for a specific use: navigating physical interfaces such as appliance control panels.

Our primary goal is to provide point-to-point indoor navigation. We're not providing a complete list of features yet, but will do so when the time is appropriate.  

Why isn't your website like others? Shouldn't you write more formally?

Yes, probably.

Actually, no. Who wants to read the same business speak all the time? We avoid jargon when we can, but we use common terms such as "assistive technology." We want you to be comfortable contacting us, and we think that informal language encourages conversation.  

How will the system work?

Very well, we hope!

Later in development we'll reveal more of what our technology does, and a bit about how it works. As is true of any technology, understanding how the product works will help you use it.  

Are you accepting job applications? If so, what positions are open?

There are currently no formal job listings, but if you have skills we need, we may contact you via LinkedIn.

It is our intention to not only hire employees with visual impairments, but to favor visually impaired applicants to the extent allowed by law. For our work, a visual impairment would be an asset. Many people in working in technology fields make widgets for other people; imagine working on technology you want to improve for your own daily use.

In summer 2020 we made our first hire: an intern who is blind, and who made significant contributions to the business development and product development of Echobatix.

If you are visually impaired and have experience in the tech field, please keep us in mind.  

I have a great idea. What if...?

For legal reasons we will reply to very few if any emails suggesting how to implement a feature, what technology to use, or what additional markets we should pursue.


If you have other questions, please visit our Contacts page and send us an email or a Facebook message.