Echobatix is developing a wearable indoor navigation system for the blind, the DeafBlind, and those with low vision. The system will complement the use of a cane or guide dog, and will supplement your existing orientation & mobility skills.

The navigation system will be configurable to support a wide range of user abilities and interests. It will operate autonomously indoors, meaning you won't need a wifi or cell connection once you've stepped inside a building. And our sincere wish is that the system will be cool and fashionable enough to make sighted people jealous.  

What You'll Find On

Visit the News page for updates. We may visit or exhibit at a conference near you.

The FAQ page includes answers to some of the questions you may have, and to questions we thought you might ask.

The Links page lists websites of friends, organizations, and useful resources.

The Contact page tells you how to get in touch with Echobatix.  

Engineering for People First

If you are blind, deaf-blind, or have low vision, the navigation system and this website are intended for you. We want to hear from you.

Our intention is to provide a device you'll find useful daily. We won't replace your cane or your guide dog, nor would we want to. Instead, we want to provide the same access to information that sighted people take for granted. We also plan to offer some abilities that even sighted people don't have.

Please tell us what you want. Tell us what you need. Tell us our website is terrible, or that you don't like bats. But in any case please contact us and help us make the best technology we can.