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Training – Find mode reminders

Please watch this video to learn about some key tips, tricks, uses, and reminders for the Find mode of the Echobatix app.

Find mode reminders

Find mode reminders. When using the find mode, there’s a couple of things we want to remind you about. First, when giving your command for the command portion of the find mode, it’s best that you indicate the end of your command with the word “please.”

For example, you would have to say find the stop button, please. The word “please” just helps to indicate to the app when you’re done giving your command.

Another reminder we would like to give you is for the guidance portion of the find mode. This reminder is to remember to use the same reminders we gave you for the explore mode. This includes things like keeping your palm facing outward, keeping your index finger plus another finger pointing up, and keeping your other fingers tucked underneath. You should also remember to move slowly and listen to the app’s commands. This will help you to find your specified word or command a lot quicker.

So remember to listen to the app, have fun exploring, and have fun finding your specific word or words or buttons. Thank you.