Echobatix 1.4 subscription with one-week free trial

Echobatix version 1.4 with Find mode is now available in the App Store. Find mode allows you to find grocery items, rooms by name or number, and other text around you.

The Echobatix app provides real-time text accessibility.

In Explore mode, the app reads the word at the end of your finger.

In Read mode, the app reads what is in your hand.

In the new Find mode, enter the word or words you want to find, then move your phone left and right to search.

In Barcode mode, you can read the UPC barcodes and get short descriptions for 2.8 million grocery items. No WiFi or cell connection is needed for Barcode mode.

The app is free to try for one week. Subscribe monthly or annually.

Visit the Training pages for more information:

The Echobatix app finds the word

Smithsonian Accessibility Guidelines

To quote its website, "The Smithsonian Institution is the world's largest museum, education, and research complex."

And now the Smithsonian sets a de facto standard for accessibility of museum exhibits.

Many thanks to Zalika Corbett, Technology Officer of Winikur Productions, for telling me about the Smithsonian accessibility guidelines!

The Smithsonian logo, which is a stylized sun.

Accessibility in Gaming: References

Matt Shifrin (Lego for the Blind) and Gary Bartos (Echobatix) present Accessible Gaming at Comicazi in Somerville, Massachusetts on Sunday 30 June 2024.

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