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Accessibility in Gaming: References

Matt Shifrin (Lego for the Blind) and Gary Bartos (Echobatix) present Accessible Gaming at Comicazi in Somerville, Massachusetts on Sunday 30 June 2024.

Matt Shifrin and Gary Bartos will give the first presentation on Accessible Gaming at Comicazi, a comic and gaming shop in Somerville, Massachusetts.


Accessibility software for Windows or Mac.

RetinAid Tabletop

Card reader for many popular games.

“The biggest hurdle of accessible games may be the community, not developers” by Joe Parlock (2019). Parlock is stereoblind, autistic, and lives with chronic pain

Tabletop Game Accessibility: Meeple Centered Design by Michael James Herron

Dr. Herron is also the editor of the website Meeple Like Us.

Think Like a UX Researcher by David Travis & Philip Hodgson

Gameplay observation can borrow practices from user experience testing.

The Human Controller: Usability and Accessibility in Video Game Interfaces” by Eitan Glinert (2008 Master’s Thesis, MIT)

Any added cost is certainly offset by an increased potential market, as an accessible game is one which impaired individuals can purchase. Furthermore, accessibility design themes tend to make games more usable for everyone, resulting in a game which will be easier to use for a broad section of the population.

Eitan Glinert

The Design of Everyday Things by Donald Norman

Norman’s bestseller is highly influential, and short! If you’re new to design thinking, make The Design of Everyday Things your first book on the subject.

Once Norman’s book has broken your brain a little bit, pay attention to how many Norman Doors you encounter.

Universal Principles of Design by Lidwell, Holden, and Butler

How does one conceive of the tradeoffs between flexibility and usability? How can design take advantage of biases of human perception? Or avoid those biases? These are the types of questions answered by this wonderful book, itself beautifully designed.

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Edward Tufte

How can visual data be presented elegantly? How little “ink” is required to present data? People with cortical visual impairment (CVI) can be especially sensitive to visual clutter.

(Bonus points: how can Tufte’s principles by applied to design for other senses?)

Design Meets Disability by Graham Pullin

If you’re going to design assistive technology, make it

Pullin’s book references the carved wooden prosthetic legs of Aimee Mullins, an athlete, public speaker, and model.

St. Edward’s is a private university in Austin, Texas.

As a Video Game Development major, you’ll learn every phase of the process of creating games: building a concept, prototyping, narrative design, asset creation, testing and release.

“10 Vision-Friendly Games (with a Special Guest)”: a discussion between Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemaier Games and Gary Bartos of Echobatix

“The Last of Us, Part II: Most Accessible. Game. Ever!” with Steve Saylor

“What I See When Playing Video Games” by Steve Saylor

Wingspan Vision-Friendly Cards by Elizabeth Hargrave (Stonemaier Games)

Wingspan is the 2019 winner of the Kennerspiel des Jahres (Connoisseur-gamer Game of the Year).

Wyrmspan by Connie Vogelman (Stonemaier Games)

Wyrmspan is a Wingspan game featuring dragons. Dragons!

The Wyrmspan cards carry over design improvements for Wingspan Vision-Friendly Cards:

Dragon Soul by Sebastian Haverstam

Haverstam designed Dragon Soul to be friendly for people who are color blind.

TacTile by Friendly Bee Game Company

At the time of writing, TacTile has not yet released. However, check out the discussion thread on as the game designer asks for suggestions and makes design changes.

TacTile walkthrough

Mattel’s Colorblind Accessible Games

Mattel has announced it will make 80% of its most popular games colorblind accessible.

Games will be rolling in throughout 2024 and will include UNO®, Dos, Blokus, Phase 10™, Skip-Bo™ and Ker Plunk.

The Last of Us 2 / PlayStation accessibility

There are lots of accessibility features!

Read about Accessibility Tags and other topics:

PlayAbility Consultancy

Play-Ability is a consultancy with team members representing a broad range of disabilities: strength & dexterity, blindness, hard of hearing / Deaf, colourblindness, emotional, cognitive, low vision, and speech. Wow!

Colorblind Games

Brian Chandler is the owner of Colorblind Games. Chandler is also a team member of PlayAbility Consultancy.


“Fable is digital accessibility, powered by people with disabilities”

This page is designed to be accessible to people using screen readers and audio interfaces. Links are provided as buttons, or as links on separate lines.

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