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Training – Read mode reminders

Please watch this video to learn about some key tips, tricks, uses, and reminders for the Read mode of the Echobatix app.

Find mode reminders

Read mode reminders. Please remember, you should hold your phone with your non-dominant hand. Hold the item you want to read with your dominant hand. After you activate the button, you will have a three-second countdown to get your item and your hand in view of the camera. You will still have the hand in view and hand out of view sounds and graphics.

If you want the app to stop reading, you can just press the button again. Read mode will read the text in between your fingers. All of your fingers must be in view of the read mode to work, although it’s usually enough for the camera to image just your fingertips. I recommend holding your fingers in an L shape or rectangular shape. I find it most useful if you aim your phone down slightly. It helps with hand detection.

Lastly, try to use the read mode in less noisy areas. Read mode works best with bottles, packages, paper items, and et cetera. If you have a cylindrical item, please try to turn the item multiple times to get more information as you use read mode.