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Training – Read mode

In this video, learn about the Read mode of the Echobatix app.

Read mode

Read mode. We now have a new mode in the Echobatix app called read mode. Read mode reads the text on an item that you hold in your hand. The app tries to read the most important text first. First, you open up the Echobatix app. Use a one-finger swipe to navigate through the different modes.

Once you get to the read mode, you will use a two-finger swipe to get to the Start button. If you are using VoiceOver, now you will double-click to activate the Start button, if you are using VoiceOver. If you are not using VoiceOver, tap the button in the center of the screen.

After you activate the button, you will have three seconds to grab an item and place your hand with the item in front of the phone. The countdown 3, 2, 1 is announced out loud and displayed on the screen. At the end of the countdown, the app will read the text, with the most important text announced first. We have seen promising results with bottles, paper boxes, and more. Try read mode with other items.

The app will then find the word and give guidance to the user to find the word with their fingertips. There are three parts to the find mode– the command, the scan, and the guidance. The command to the Find mode is when you indicate to the app the word that you would like the app to find.

The scan portion of the find mode uses a sonar like sound to indicate to users when the word is nearby or far away. When the word has been detected, there will be a celebration sound. Then comes the guidance part of the find mode.

Guidance part of the find mode requires users to put their hand into view, then the app will give you directions to find the specified word. Once the word has been detected and your finger is just underneath the word, you will hear a second celebration sound.

Please enjoy exploring and using the find mode on the Echobatix app. Thank you.