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Vision-Friendly Cards for the board game Wingspan

Stonemaier Games has released Vision-Friendly Cards for their beloved game Wingspan. Here’s the link to the Vision-Friendly Cards on the Stonemaier Games website:

The Vision-Friendly Cards are a supplement. You, a friend, a family member, or your local gaming meetup will need to have the boxed Wingspan board game. The Vision-Friendly Cards can be used in place of the standard cards.

Here’s the link for the Wingspan board game:

Echobatix is proud to have volunteered design ideas that were implemented in the Vision-Friendly Cards. A right to text accessibility also means a right to have fun!

Special offer: if you buy Vision-Friendly Card Packs in June or July 2023 and then email us about your experience, we’ll offset half the price of the Echobatix app. For details, contact us via the Support page:

Check out the Echobatix app for iOS in the App Store:

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