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Ride Sharing Is At It Again With Discrimination

The number of ride share passengers who have been discriminated against because of there disability is continuing to grow. And why is this happening?

Ride Sharing services like Uber and Lyft has a strict policy against discrimination, or so they say. Yet more and more stories of people with disabilities continues to be shared. A vast majority of this discrimination comes from blind or visually impaired individuals and individuals using service animals.

As a blind woman I have had a few instances where I was discriminated against and denied a ride on Uber because I had a service dog. I spoke with Uber and the only information I received back was we will talk with our driver, and I got $5 in Uber cash. So I have no way of knowing if the driver was reprimanded or faced any kind of consequences for their discrimination. I on the other hand was late to work, lost out on money, and was hurt.

Echobatix is doing some work with an advocacy group on ride sharing discrimination. So if you are blind or visually impaired and you have been denied a ride using ride sharing services we would love to hear your story, especially those of you denied a ride because of your service dogs. We will not share any personal information, we are just looking to hear about the experiences.

please leave a comment with your story, or reach out to us via email at

The number of individuals being discriminated against needs to stop now! You can help by just sharing your experience.

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