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Training – Explore mode reminders

In this video we provide some reminders, tips, and tricks for the Explore mode of the Echobatix app.

Explore mode reminders

Explore mode reminders. These are a few reminders I would like to give you when using our Explore mode, but also to keep in mind when using our overall app. First, you need to hold your phone in your non-dominant hand, and you will be interacting with your touchscreen, appliance, or the text you want to read with your dominant hand. So if you’re a righty, your phone needs to be in your left hand.

Next, you need to remember to keep your palm facing outward. You need to also remember to keep your index finger plus another finger or multiple other fingers pointing upward. Please keep all other fingers tucked in and underneath. Next, you need to remember to move slowly when interacting with the touchscreen, the text, or the appliance you are trying to read. You need to give the app enough time to read the text just beyond your fingertips.

Next, you need to stand at least arm’s length away from the touchscreen, the appliance, or the text you are trying to read. Please also remember to try to keep your phone and your body as straight as possible. Please also remember to keep your hands in the middle or the center of your body. Kind of like where you would hold your cane if you’re a cane user.

Please enjoy interacting with our app, your touchscreens, your appliances, and your text. Thank you, and have fun.